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Identifying the most promising stocks amidst thousands of ETFs, mutual funds, and publicly traded companies can be challenging.  

Even with the market beginning to bottom from its bearish trenches, numerous stocks have yet to move, suggesting potential opportunities for discerning investors to ride the uptrend. Many juniors are at record low prices.

Northern Graphite stands out given the incredible steps forward they have made over the last year. 

About Northern Graphite 

Northern is a Canadian, TSX Venture Exchange-listed company that is focused on becoming a world leader in producing natural graphite and upgrading it into high-value products critical to the green economy, including anode material for lithium-ion batteries/EVs (electric vehicles), fuel cells and graphene, as well as advanced industrial technologies.

Northern is the only significant graphite producing company in North America and will become the third-largest producer outside of China when its Namibian operations come back on line. The company also has two large-scale development projects, Bissett Creek in Ontario and Okanjande in Namibia, which have the potential to generate continued production growth in the future. All projects have battery-quality graphite and are located close to infrastructure in politically stable jurisdictions.
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